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After a difficult tour in Afghanistan I began experiencing problems with nightmares, flashbacks and anger. Increasingly I was finding everyday life more and more difficult and no longer seemed to get enjoyment out of anything. My relationship with my wife and son was deteriorating and I felt like there was no way out. I realised that I needed help and thankfully I came across the Veterans at Ease website...

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Wife of ME, CE

Not only do Veterans at Ease help ex-service men and women, they also provided support to their families. I can’t begin to thank Clair enough for the help that she has given me through what was a very difficult time in our lives. When I first attended a session with Clair I was finding it difficult to cope with my husband’s fluctuating moods and felt that I was constantly walking on egg shells...

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“Veterans at Ease is a fantastic charity, they are extremely welcoming, supportive and encouraging. They gave me back my husband, but they have also made us a stronger, happier family unit. Clair, Garreth and the whole team, I cannot thank you enough.”


I wish to thank you for the help you have given me. Over a five week period I had five sessions and it has helped me a great deal. I do not now have constant flashbacks or nightmares ( I still have short ones) I now sleep a lot better, 5 to 6 hours a night, before it was none, or 1 – 3 hours at the most and I was tired all of the time. If I start to feel bad I use the techniques you gave me and think backwards and it solves the problem. My health is now so much better.


I suffered from PTSD through active service in Palestine from 1946 – 1948, I decided to contact you. When I came to you and you spoke to me about difficulties people had, you put me at ease with my difficulties. My few hourly sessions I had with you helped a great deal when you explained other factors that could have been involved with the incidents I explained to you.


I am so grateful you were able to help at such short notice. C certainly seems better since your chat and certainly seems to be benefitting from the sessions at the moment which is lovely to see. He told me he gave you a painting, in itself being able to do that raises his confidence and self-esteem – so you are hitting all the right buttons!