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A double-testimony which shows the impact on not only individuals but on the family unit:


“After a difficult tour in Afghanistan I began experiencing problems with nightmares, flashbacks and anger. Increasingly I was finding everyday life more and more difficult and no longer seemed to get enjoyment out of anything. My relationship with my wife and son was deteriorating and I felt like there was no way out. I realised that I needed help and thankfully I came across the Veterans at Ease website.

Garreth has helped me get my life back through the use of NLP and I now can honestly say I feel happy again, something which I had not felt in a long time. I was reluctant to ask for help as I felt that there were those that needed it more and I put it off for a long time, but I’m so glad that I finally did make that call.”

His wife agrees, CE:

“Not only do Veterans at Ease help ex-service men and women, they also provided support to their families. I can’t begin to thank Clair enough for the help that she has given me through what was a very difficult time in our lives. When I first attended a session with Clair I was finding it difficult to cope with my husband’s fluctuating moods and felt that I was constantly walking on egg shells. The stress of remaining hyper vigilant and trying to modify situations so that he wouldn’t ‘be set off’ was beginning to make me feel very low and I was concerned that the situation was also effecting our son. Clair supported me through this time, explaining how I could help my husband, but also encouraging me to make positive changes in my own life and teaching me techniques so that I felt more prepared to deal with challenging situations when they occurred. This meant that I no longer took my husband’s anger and moods so personally and was better able to cope with the difficult patches.

Veterans at Ease is a fantastic charity, they are extremely welcoming, supportive and encouraging. They gave me back my husband, but they have also made us a stronger, happier family unit. Clair, Garreth and the whole team, I cannot thank you enough.”


“I met Garreth completely by chance at a local event, at a time when my life was taking a downturn. Having being in the forces, I couldn’t understand why I was struggling to cope with the stresses of work and home life and why I was easily overwhelmed and frustrated. In the months that followed, my life became unmanageable. I was off work due to my mental illness and no longer living in the family home. I felt totally worthless and deeply depressed to the point of suicide. I was worried that my issues were symptoms of PTSD. Finally, not knowing where to turn for help, I rang Veterans at Ease. Through my weekly sessions with Garreth I have found the reasons for my issues. Through NLP therapy I now realise I already had the tools to ‘fix myself’ as it were. I just needed to be shown how to use them. I am now back at work and living in another house with a clearer understanding of myself. I am confident and no longer allow myself to become stressed or depressed. My only regret is that I didn’t pick up the telephone sooner!”


“I finally have a sense of hope where I thought I had none, John has given me a reason to believe I can be normal again.”


“I’m so proud of the hubby, he has come so far these past months. The progress he has made is amazing. So I would like to thank John, and the Veterans at Ease charity for all the work they do. I have a husband who believes in himself, and is happy with who he is!”


“very good service, helped me a lot with my problems”


“I suffered from PTSD through active service in Palestine from 1946 – 1948, I decided to contact you. When I came to you and you spoke to me about difficulties people had, you put me at ease with my difficulties. My few hourly sessions I had with you helped a great deal when you explained other factors that could have been involved with the incidents I explained to you. I am very grateful for your help and I know you will carry on in helping ex-service people with great effort. Thank you very much.”


“I am I cannot overstate the difference that Garreth has made to my life, my wife’s life and my step-daughter’s life. I had been given the contact details for SIX charities, Veterans at Ease was THE ONLY charity to respond to me at all. Without bringing up any hideous memories from the incident (which still caused flashbacks even then) over the weeks and months that followed, Garreth helped me find ways to detour my mind around the nasty, destructive paths that would have been the norm previously. I feel as though have been given the tools to spot any problems earlier than before and methods of dealing with the negativity, quickly reducing the effect that it has on me and all of those around me. Without his help, I would more than likely have ended up divorced, isolated, desperate, depressed and desolate – if not suicidal, then certainly close to it. Or perhaps I would have acted upon it. I cannot honestly say that I would not have done so. I cannot commend and thank Garreth and Veterans at Ease enough.”


“When I first went to Veterans at Ease I was a very angry and confused person and thinking why should I go and talk to a stranger who does not know me from Adam and my mind set was I’ve suffered from my military past and there is nothing anyone can do. After the first session I could feel myself at ease straight away, I was happy that I never had to bring past incidents up, and after six sessions I really did feel like a different man with the different coping mechanisms he teaches you. Now I’m definitely not the same man who walk through the door for the first time and doing really well now, I’m thinking more positively and just completed a [removed for confidentiality] course and working, this would have not been possible with the help from veterans at ease and would recommended there help to anyone who needs it.”


“Initially I was dubious as to whether Veterans at Ease could help; I had gone through 36 years of hiding everything, depending entirely on myself. I had never opened up to anyone, believing that to do so, was a sign of weakness. Having previously served himself, John had a unique insight as to what may or may not have gone on and I quickly realised that finally, I had met a person I could trust. He allowed me to talk and listened with interest to what I had to say. The session flew by and at the end of it; he told me that he thought it would be worthwhile continuing on a weekly basis. As our meetings went on, I was becoming more positive in my outlook. This had the knock on effect of, with only a small amount of thought, my being able to answer the question, of who I was. But for this meeting with John Taylor of Veterans at Ease, I would even now, be in a dark place. I never believed that just talking through things could have such a positive effect and that the future finally looks good. I no longer take anti-depressants. Should any veteran reading this find themselves in a similar place, please do not hesitate to contact Veterans at Ease. I wholeheartedly recommend them and the services they provide.”


“I was suffering at the time with PTSD as I had just got out of jail through a horrific accident which triggered my memories of Iraq which I had done a tour there a few years before. I got invited to have some on-to-one sessions talking about how I was feeling, it wasn’t anything in great detail but was all about my feelings and how I felt. We then did regular weekly sessions where I did different thinking exercises to help me to think more different about past and present situations, as I was in a very depressed state and wasn’t sleeping properly. After a few sessions I started to feel more positive about my life and started to feel like the old me again. I would recommend any Ex-Soldier who has PTSD and is suffering to not suffer in silence as John and Garreth are very supportive, and have certainly helped me get my life back on track. The charity really has a place in my heart and I will be eternally grateful to it”


“I wish to thank you for the help you have given me. Over a five week period I had five sessions and it has helped me a great deal. I do not now have constant flashbacks or nightmares ( I still have short ones) I now sleep a lot better, 5 to 6 hours a night, before it was none, or 1 – 3 hours at the most and I was tired all of the time. If I start to feel bad I use the techniques you gave me and think backwards and it solves the problem. My health is now so much better.”


“On my return home from Afghanistan in 2009 my life seemed to take a turn for the worst. I started having flashbacks from previous tours that I had carried out and felt very low and depressed. I left the Army in February 2010 and shortly after was diagnosed with PTSD. I was introduced to Garreth through a friend. Whilst going through the programme I was never rushed into making decisions, as everything was done in my own time. This gives a very warm and welcome feeling. This has helped me find the motivation that I once had and realise that many of the skills I used in the Army could be applied in civilian life. I have found NLP to be a very powerful tool and it has helped me progress the things which really matter to me. I would recommend anybody with PTSD symptoms to seek help from this charity. The name is in the title Veterans at Ease and yes it does make you feel relaxed and at ease with life.”


“I am married to a veteran who has served for 22 years in the army. I can’t give an exact day or incident that has told me that he is suffering from problems related to PTSD. I could always find different reasons for his behaviour …and I always had the hope that when the circumstances changed things would improve and he would return to be the man I love and married. He slowly changed into not being able to cope with life, being angry about everything and anything, problems he previously would laugh about seemed to turn into an unmanageable task, and alcohol became his “best friend”. At many times our relationship seemed to be non-existent. I stopped looking forwards to days off with the fear of what would happen – more painful arguments, more tears, more fights? At the point where I started to run out of energy to continue living this way I was made aware of the charity Veterans at Ease. I tried to get my husband to contact them but he thought that others needed their help more than him. Veterans at Ease encouraged me to not give up and eventually my husband visited Garreth and John for an informative chat after which help and support was set up for both of us. I would like to thank both Garreth and John from Veterans at Ease for everything they have done for us. Not just for helping my husband to overcome the PTSD – but for the way Garreth has supported me by making me understand how suffering from PTSD affected my husband’s behaviour and helping me to move away from worrying about what tomorrow will bring into being able to laugh and enjoy life together with my husband again.”


“I read Garreth’s story on his Veterans at Ease website, this I could relate to 100%, I realised that I wasn’t the only PTSD sufferer from my old regiment/unit. Over the coming weeks and months we spoke regularly, it was very easy to explain my issues and problems to him as a practitioner who treats PTSD and has had PTSD himself from military service, as the old cliché goes “worn the tee shirt – done that”. I was thoroughly impressed by the fact that he also spoke to my family who voiced their concerns and issues. During the course of a 4 day trip, the therapy was intensive and thorough and was by far the most beneficial treatment I’ve received for PTSD since being officially diagnosed with it in 1998, Garreth uses NLP to suit individual needs and he is willing to treat any beneficiary from any conflict, past and present, and in addition the family members who themselves end up becoming embroiled in the vicious circle of this condition. He became particularly adept at this and quickly gained my respect by analysing my own situation. In summary Garreth has demonstrated professionalism, flexibility and a pre requisite understanding of PTSD and its associated conditions, coupled with his sense of humour and having a direct understanding of service personnel he will quickly gain

A and partner

“I am A’s partner …….thanks for the chat you had with him the other day, it did A the world of good and he’s been very positive since. Thanks again”


“I am so grateful you were able to help at such short notice. C certainly seems better since your chat and certainly seems to be benefitting from the sessions at the moment which is lovely to see. He told me he gave you a painting, in itself being able to do that raises his confidence and self-esteem – so you are hitting all the right buttons!”