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Great news, two veterans who have engaged with our services recently have now exited therapy due to them ending therapy in a much better mental state than when they first walked through our door. As well as their own reported feeling of wellbeingf this is backed up by information taken using CORE,at the beginning of therapy, during and at the end of therapy. We are very happy to have been able to help them and find the peace of mind they have searched for. Good luck and best wishes from everyone at Veterans at Ease goes with them.
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Supporter Jason has set himself a remarkable challenge to ensure fellow veterans can continue to access the services Veterans at Ease provides through one-to-one therapy. Jason writes: “I know from personal experience the difference this small charity can make to the lives of Serving Members/Veterans and their families. Sometimes the injuries that impact the most are those that can not be seen with the naked eye. Veterans at Ease ran by Veterans help those with PTSD from our Service and Ex Service Community who are suffering. By supporting me you will be ensuring Veterans At Ease can continue their valuable work in helping sufferers lead normal lives. ” Read more about Jason’s challenges here…